The phone number of the ticket office of Kékestetői ski center:
06 37 560 008

Our slopes

Opening hours

Ski centerMonday - Sunday9:00 - 16:30
Night skiingWednesday, Saturday17:00 - 20:00
Friday17:00 - 21:00

Tickets, Season tickets

Forenoon (9:00-13:00)4 500 Ft3 500 Ft
Afternoon (13:00-16:30)4 500 Ft3 500 Ft
Night (17:00-21:00)4 000 Ft4 000 Ft
1-day ticket6 000 Ft4 500 Ft
2-day ticket10 500 Ft7 000 Ft
3-day ticket14 500 Ft10 000 Ft

Ski Run Rules

With the season ticket of the ski resorts, everyone is under their own responsibility and agrees to observe the outboard signs and signboards as well as the executives and the officials on the ski slopes, paying attention to their own and others’ physical integrity!

Lifts and ski slopes can only be used by skiers or snowboarders with the right skills. The breach of the rules shall be liable for damages due to improper use of lifts and ski slopes. If improper use is in action, the Operator can ban the person.

Ski or snowboard training organized on the ski slopes can be used for your safety only with the specific written permission of the Operator.

In the area of ​​lifts and ski slopes, pedestrian traffic is strictly forbidden in the crossing of the trail or in the centerline of the track.
It is prohibited to wait on the centerline of the trails because of the risk of accident. After falling, if progress can not be made for technical or medical reasons within a short time, the track shall be omitted as soon as possible.

Pets are strictly forbidden on lifts and ski slopes.

It is strictly forbidden to use a sled on lifts and slopes due to the risk of accidents. sledging is possible only on the sled track designated for this purpose.

In order to preserve the natural condition of Kékestető, damage to the environment and littering n the whole area of ​​the field is strictly forbidden!

We do not take responsibility for ski equipment and values ​​left unattended on the ski slopes. In the case of missing equipment, we are unable to redeem a pass.

In the event of an accident, immediately notify those who are on the slope and do not leave the slope!

Failure to comply with the rules means the take away of the ticket and may result in an official complaint!

The price of ski tickets can not be refunded:

– in the event of its loss,
– due to bad weather or referring to snow conditions (x),
– due to the condition and number of tracks (x),
– due to the waiting times in lifts and ski buses,
– for any reason, not exceeding two hours, due to an elevator and a ski bus stop (x).

Opening time of the lift and the slopes is based on weather conditions.

(x) Please check in advance on the site status or in our cash register before buying a season ticket.

The refund of the price of a ski ticket is only possible on the day of the circumstance that occurred on the ski slope – reported to the driver as soon as possible – in case of a sport accident!
Please note that skiing and snowboarding are dangerous sports, therefore, the use of the service is only permitted with the valid individual insurance for the exercise of the activity. In the event of any breach by the operator, he or she is solely responsible for the damages caused by the injured party.

The reference to the non-knowledge of the operating rules published at points of sale does not exempt it.

The purchase of the ski ticket means the unconditional acceptance of the ski court operating rules!