Ski and snowboard training

Not a child anymore, but don’t know how to ski? Would you enjoy gliding on the snow-capped peaks, but never had skis on your feet? Do you want to know this great sport and why it so popular? Or would you just refresh your skiing skills?

The Kékestető ski school can provide you excellent professional education in the knowledge-based group you choose. All this with the appropriate methods and tools. In education we put great emphasis on spreading ski culture, sporting healthy lifestyles and environmental education. We teach the rules of the very important FIS 10 points ski KRESZ and all the norms of behavior that are essential for safe sporting activities in Hungary and in ski regions beyond our borders.

Never too late! Our skiing lessons are also recommended for adults alongside children who want to learn the basics of skiing in safe conditions. Here you can count on skilled ski instructors at Kékestető. In addition to adults, skiing is an excellent development of children’s coordination, conditioning and cognitive abilities. Children are much more sensitive to learn the ski movements, so they can easily and quickly learn this sport. This knowledge is preserved for a lifetime.

Participants of our program can take part in a group course or take part in private lessons. Whether you choose either alone or with friends or family, you are guaranteed to get the good atmosphere.

Hopefully we raised your attention and we hope you will try this great snowy winter sport. You even bring your family. Our instructor program has been invented to you. We’d love to meet you!

Where would you put yourself?

Absolute beginner, starter

ou’ve never had skis on your feet, or it has been a long time ago. You have to start the training from zero.

Educational elements: Getting to know the equipment, transporting lifts, checking and attaching it properly. Moving movements (stairs, fish hooks) in a flat area, playful exercises. Stand up from the ground. Alpine basics. Straight skiing. Snowshoeing exercises. Stopping. Presentation of basic rules on ski track FIS 10.


You have already mastered the basics and want to use a lift FIRST TIME!

Educational elements: Alpine basics. Snowdrifts, snowdrift rotation, load change. Copper slope, rollout. Playful exercises with the acquired elements. The first part of the training takes place on the designated training path, and in the case of safe sliding. It ends on the big slope, where we are already preparing and practicing the rules for the T-bar lift. Theoretical repetition of FIS 10 rules.


You can use the ski lift safely and know how to parallel ski! You might want to polish your carving technique.

In this category, the South track is the place for education, along with safe running, long arc exercises, sustained momentum, gaining dynamic momentum, driving, stop momentum, and practicing scratched arches here. But we can also provide adequate training on skiing between racing gates. Occasionally you can experience deep snow skiing. We will not forget about the theoretical description of FIS 10 rules either.

If you have the equipment, bring it with you, check the condition at your request, and if necessary we provide advice for service and maintenance. If you do not have equipment, you can rent it on site. We can offer quality skis and shoes from Dynastar and Lange.

 3-6 person2 person1 person
1 hour (50 minutes)4 000 HUF / person6 000 HUF / person12 000 HUF / person
Half day (2x50 minutes)6 000 HUF / person8 000 HUF / person16 000 HUF/ person
All day (4x50 minutes)8 500 HUF / person13 000 HUF / person26 000 HUF / person

We can provide education for schools and larger groups with individual discounts.

For more information and inquiries, call +36 30 161 5133.

Ski Instructors, attention!

This year we are looking for trainers for the Kékestető Ski School. Call us at +36 30 161 5133.

Why should I borrow rather than buy my own equipments?

In the winter season, if you are spending your free time in the mountains, you can usually enjoy some skiing. Most people want to try this great winter sport. But many people abandon the idea after the first thought when they face the investment cost to buy clothes and buy equipment. Of course, those who regularly go skiing usually have their own ski equipment, but who are now entering the track for the first time or skiing occasionally, the best option is to use ski rental services! Renters are able to offer modern and impeccable quality sports equipment today. With this decision, we can save a lot.

In Kékestető ski rental you can rent high quality and continuously checked ski equipment! The ski equipment goes through continuous service and are therefore in perfect condition for the day to winter use. If the equipment is damaged or any other problem arises, it will be repaired or replaced immediately. If you rent quality equipment, you only have to deal with the snowy hillside and just slide down!

Rental prices

TFull equipment: skis or snowboard, shoe, stick

Family discount for full equipment from 3 people to -20%.
Discount for children: up to 140 cm altitude!
Helmet for kids is FREE !!!!

Half day9.00 - 12.30
13.00 - 16.30
4 000 Ft (children: 3 000 HUF)
All day9-00 - 16.306 000 Ft (children: 4 000 HUF)
2 hoursto the education2 000 HUF

Ski or ski boot half day is 2.500 HUF, all day is 3.500 Ft.
Sledging 800 Ft / hour

In the case of multiple days of rent, -20% from the second day!

Phone: +36 30 161 5133