Kékestető is an excellent place for shorter walks and hiking tours in the healing air. Many hiking trails and plenty of nearby attractions offer a full-day outdoor program. 3 guided and 5 individual hiking trails await nature lovers at the highest point in Hungary.

Guided tours:

Iron ring made of wood – easy tour

An average tour takes 2-3 hours, during which we walk 6 kilometers through the most important sites of the peak, the Montan beech forest, the TV tower lookout, the sanatorium’s healing park, and we can even take a gulp from the highest springs of our country and the cellar paths through the Southern ski slope. Going through the middle we get to Sombokor, then we come back to Kékes at the border of the oldest forest area of Hungary, by touching the Dragon Tower.

The Wonders of the Eastern Main Ridge – Medium Tour

On a 7 km hike that takes 3-4 hours, we enter the meadow of Angels into a montan beech forest, where we get to know the woodland, flora and fauna of the Carpathian Basin. Leaving the Rákosi villa building, we go on a steep, rocky section into the Saddle of Sötét lápa. Our destination is Sas-kő, from where we can see the entire Paradian Basin, the Bükk, Felső-Mátra, Karancs-Medves Plateau and the Tatras in the distance. From Sas-kő we get back to Kékestető by touching the Northern Ski Resort and the road Felső-pince.

On the Edge of Négy határ – Hard tour

On the 8-9 km tour that takes 4-5 hours, we start in the area of Kékes-lapos towards Hidas-bérc from where we go down to Négyeshatár, which is the meeting point of Abasár, Gyöngyös, Pálosvörösmart and Markaz. The next stop of our tour is the Kis-kő layered tower, from which we turn back to Négyeshatár, and from here we continue our journey to the ruins of the hunting lodge at the Vályus-kút along the border of the place what is densely populated by animals. From the stone lodge we get back to Kékes on an uphill route.


Individual tours on Kékestető:

Down and up! Tour from Kékestető to Mátraháza

The 5,7 km 3-hour hike is worth starting on the 1014-meter high peak, from here we go to HE-DO Bar through the ski slope, then turn to the blue triangle sign from the end of the large car parking place. After leaving Jávoros-forrás, pay attention to the red crosses that accompany us to Mátraháza.

Sombokor circle – easy tour on Kékestető

The 4,6 km tour, which takes 2 hours is a roundabout on the north side of Kékestető. We should start the tour at the 1014-meter high national peak-stone, and head north through the sign of yellow lane through the meadow of Angels behind Tető Restaurant. Always follow the yellow trail, getting off the trail in the area of the Forest Reserve is prohibited. Arriving to the Southern Ski Slope, our road turns east, where where we climb the Kékes, about 1.5 km long on the line of National Kéktúra, on the lawn strips of the ski slope.

The tour of lookout points – Conquering the highest peaks of Kékestető

The 8.6 km tour can be completed in 3-4 hours. We should start our tour in the meadow of Angels, start on the line of the National Blue Tour (OKT) in the east, and at the ski lift track next to the entrance to the TV tower, enter the forest. This is how we get to Disznó-kő, where we leave the OKT line and turn to the left where we can go down into Rózsaszállás along the yellow sign. Then we look for the yellow cross that leads us to Gabi’s death. From here we descend on the blue cross sign to the Dark Feather saddle, then return to the line of OKT again to Kékestető.

Forrest Reserve Tour on Kékestető

If we want to take the 6 km tour, which can be completed in 2-3 hours, it is a advised to start at the meadow of Angels, and when we’ll be on the National Blue Tour, then we should go east. Step into the forest next to the entrance of the TV-tower lookout, at the ski lift track. At the Saddle of Sötét-lápa continue our tour along the blue cross to Gabi’s death, from where we follow the yellow cross to the Forrest Reserve. Leaving from here we turn to the steep side of Sombokor on the yellow stripe mark – the road goes straight to the meadow of Angels.

Négy határ, the land of wildlings and the ruined hunting lodge

We should start the 7.5 km tour – which takes 2-3 hours – in front of the 1014 m high national-color peakstone, go along the red and green bar across the stairs next to the medical center, and then leave the bus stop and step into the forrest. Following the red stripe go down to Négyeshatár, from where we can go to Vályus-kút along the green cross sign, and then we come back to Kékestető following the green sign.

Kékestető Nonprofit Kft. assigned Demecs Norbi (editor of I Love Mátra – Mátra’s largest online interface) to manage the tours and compile individual tours, who is an official, award winning tour guide.

Blue tour on Kékes

The National Blue Tour is a continuous, marked hiking trail from the Írott-kő to Hollóháza, on which you can go through the northern parts of Hungary. Its length exceeds 1100 km. This is not only Hungary’s first long-distance hiking trail, but Europe’s too.

The good news is that its compliance has no constraints. It is a great trip and sport opportunity.

The sections of different lengths provide a pleasant relaxation for hikers even on the basic level, as it is not necessary to start with 20-30 km long trips. Many pensioners and people start this tour with little children and complete the half of it or the whole.

In addition to regular sporting activities, we can get insight into our country’s land and hydrography, and we can admire our fauna and natural beauty from at our fingertips. We can hear a lot of historical facts, legends and tales from the locals during our trip.