Kékestető is a liked destination for hikers because of its beautiful panorama and fresh, high-altitude air. It is part of the legendary Blue Tour route, which has been officially declared a climatic site since 1963. The fascinating natural wonders of our country can be explored in individual and organized tours for those who are looking for adventure.



Tired wanderers do not stay hungry at either Kékestető or its surroundings. At the top of the hill there’s Tető Restaurant, and at the foot of the Mátra, in the heart of Gyöngyös, there’s Bori Mami, a gastronomy bureau that attracts everyone to try special specialties or even a delicious afternoon coffee or pastry.


Kékestető is a great spot for skiers in the heart of the Mátra. The longest slope of our country starts on the 1014 meter high peak. The southern ski slope offers excellent sport opportunities for families and beginners.
However, the shorter, but steeper Nordic course is a true adrenaline rush for professional athletes.


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Kékestető offers a multitude of unique experiences all year long for those who enjoy hiking, active relaxation or just want some rest. The highest point in our country provides an excellent opportunity for both individual and organized visitors to admire the panorama of the Mátra and enjoy the special climate of the highland spa. The mountain peak and its surrounding area offers a unique experience each season and offers a host of great moments to visitors who can surely go home with beautiful memories. Because Kékestető is the best in every season!

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